Bath Books Ultimate Mega Set
Bath Books Ultimate Mega Set
Bath Books Ultimate Mega Set
Bath Books Ultimate Mega Set

Bath Books Ultimate Mega Set

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Rub-a-dub-dub, let’s learn in the tub! It’s never too early to start your infant or toddler on the process of educational discovery. Help make every activity your child encounters an opportunity for learning. This mega set of thirteen floating books from Baby Bibi has five pages each and contains a variety of illustrations and words relating to each individual educational topic. Children will learn basic concepts of reading, colors, animal and plant recognition with this lovingly designed set of books. The brightly illustrated pages are easy to hold and flip through while playing in the bath tub.


    Set of thirteen books
  • Squeaking noise-makers inside
  • Contains illustrations and words relating to each topic
  • Makes bath time more fun as well as educational
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Floating Books to Squish and Squeak
  • These soft, squishy books are completely waterproof and easy to handle for even the smallest children. A squeaker inside makes fun, silly noises to help keep baby distracted and occupied during bath time.
  • Beautifully Illustrated Pages

    Keep your little ones delighted and entertained during bath time with fun and imaginative illustrations that correspond to each individual subject. Each of the thirteen books in this mega set has five pages that are adorned with cute depictions of animals, plants, numbers, letters, words and phrases relating to that topic.

    Safe and Non-Toxic

    Every toy Baby Bibi produces is engineered to be completely safe for babies and toddlers to experience in all of the ways that curious children do. All products are made from BPA-Free materials.