What’s in a game of Peek-a-Boo Easter bunny toy anyway?

What’s in a game of Peek-a-Boo Easter bunny toy anyway?

As a busy parent with an active lifestyle though, sometimes, you aren’t always able to give your child the playtime they need. Maybe the baby is in their high chair at the kitchen table while you’re responding to emails. Or, you’re trying to organize your house while the baby sits in a playpen in the corner of your home office. It's at such times that any parent might benefit from a little more support.

If this is you or a parent you know, let us show you how this BabyBibi toy can bring you something special this spring and become your favourite helper!

BabyBibi Stuffed Bunny is a versatile multitasker


This BabyBibi plush easter toy can do a double duty in your home: as an entertaining playmate for your child and as a helping hand to you. You’ll enjoy watching your baby or toddler’s giggles of joy as they laugh and play with the bunny.

Laughter is one of the best ways for your child to retain information at this critical period in their formative years. One of the things your child learns during a game of peekaboo is object permanence. Understanding object permanence is an essential step in your child’s growth because this is where they first understand that even though you are not present with them, you are still there.


BabyBibi Peekaboo Bunny features floppy ears that lower to cover its eyes. Your child will develop the ability to mimic the action and cover her own eyes while playing with the toy. Even when you’re not available to play, they still learn that the bunny “disappears” but can “come back”, just like you do. Influential cognitive psychologist, Jean Piaget theorized that realizing this is important because it is the first signal your child is beginning to reason abstractly. 

Stimulate during the day, smooth at night

Beyond this, the BabyBibi Peekaboo Light-Up Interactive Bunny has two modes. There is a day mode where the toy sings and says simple phrases to your child. There's also a night mode, which includes lullabies and a soft night light to help them drift off to sleep.

This is a key feature, as many children’s toys are only designed to be used during the day. While some night lights do exist, they don’t often come with an accompanying toy. The BabyBibi Peekaboo Light-Up Interactive toy helps your child to relax at bedtime.

The toy’s soft blue light is gentle enough to promote restful sleep, but still bright enough to provide comfort or reassurance should they wake during the night. The nightlight just brightens the area enough so that parents can look in on their children without having to turn on the main bedroom lights.

Let your child be the life of the party

Early language acquisition is just one of the pre-cursors for good social skills. Watch your child chat up a storm with Peekaboo Bunny! Made of soft, plush material BabyBibi Easter toy is cute, adorable, huggable companion for any toddler learning their first words.


Peekaboo Easter Bunny stuffed animal will become the best friend for your toddler as she learns to interact, play and repeat words. This toy is a gift for anyone learning those first words. Children acquire language by observing and listening to those around them. Peekaboo Bunny will sing songs and tell stories which will help expand your child's vocabulary and promote social interaction skills.

Develop your child’s motor skills

The Interactive rabbit also has a button on each hand, providing another incentive to include this toy in your Easter basket this holiday season. The button with the smile turns on the Peekaboo game. The button with the music note activates the toy to sing songs. The game is very intuitive and you will notice that at an early age the child learns very quickly how to use the buttons. This helps to improve skills like a hand to eye coordination and other fine and gross motor skills.


Developing these motor skills is important because they provide the baby with the ability to interact with the world around them. For example, a baby needs to be able to use their hands to grab objects and their gross motor skills to sit up and move around.

This toy not only helps with developing these skills, but it is also entertaining for your little one. Watch your toddler dance, interact and talk with a Peekaboo toy!

Adults…get in on the fun

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Don’t think that the BabyBibi Peekaboo Light-Up Interactive Bunny is just for your kids. You and your child can have a wonderful time together. Make this Easter Peekaboo rabbit the centre of new and creative games between you and your child. Peekaboo games are a fun, age-old way to interact with your baby. According to experts, they may be used to increase the challenge for your child's skills as he or she becomes older.

In the sea of Easter toys what will be included in your Easter basket?

This season, make BabyBibi Peekaboo the “go-to” Easter toy. Its beautiful eggshell turquoise colour makes it an appropriate toy for either a boy or a girl. It is also easy to maintain and durable, so it will be around for years as your child grows and develops. There is a lot of fun for your baby or toddler, but there are also many chances for them to enhance their cognitive, linguistic, and social skills.

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