What sensory toys should a 1-year-old be playing with?

What sensory toys should a 1-year-old be playing with?

The first birthday is one of the most important milestones in a kid's life. It marks the end of their first year and the beginning of new adventures and explorations on the path of growing into an active toddler.

Many parents look forward to celebrating this milestone with sensory toys that can help stimulate their developing minds.

Sensory toys are great for children because they encourage sensory development and tactile exploration which helps to develop spatial awareness, imagination, and motor skills. They also help improve vocabulary and speech skills!

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One sensory toy for a 1-year-old you don't want to miss is the new toy BabyBibi Bean Shapes with Graphics and Textures. This sensory set includes eight shapes: triangle, square, circle, oval, square, rectangular, star, and heart.

Each shape is stuffed with eco–friendly plastic beads, featuring different textures on the back and high contrast black and white illustrations on the front with a friendly face.


The sensory textures and graphics on these BabyBibi Bean Shapes help improve visual tracking, tactile sensation, fine motor skills and tactile awareness.

As babies play with the shapes, they will learn about different shapes, colours, and textures.

Why Sensory Toys are important for baby or toddler development?

Sensory toys are intended to stimulate the development of a child's senses through fun games. As a parent, you know that babies enjoy tactile activities and want to explore everything with their tiny hands!


The more sensory input your little one gets through sight, sound, taste, smell and feel; the better their sensory integration becomes which in turn will help them learn new skills faster.

Here are 5 reasons why the sensory toy is beneficial:

  1. Sensory play is beneficial for a child's brain development, according to studies. It has been shown to stimulate nerve connections in the brain's pathways, allowing children to accomplish more advanced learning activities.
  2. Touching tactile items aid in the learning of sensory qualities and tactile sensation (soft, sticky, warm, dry)
  3. Sensory play encourages language and cognitive development, fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving abilities, as well as social interaction.
  4. The sensory toy helps to develop and improve memory.
  5. Sensory play is especially beneficial for soothing a nervous or irritated baby or toddler.

Let's have a look at the characteristics of BabyBibi Bean shapes and why it's such a great sensory toy for a 1-year-old!

What makes BabyBibi Bean shapes a perfect sensory toy for your little one?

#1: BabyBibi bean bags are tactile toys filled with eco-friendly plastic beads.

At BabyBibi we actively looking for ways to minimize environmental impact on the planet. Instead of filling the shapes with traditional plastic beads, we opted for an environmentally friendly option.


These bead bags stimulate grasping control, gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and peak curiosity! The sensory input improves the 1-year-old toddler's focus and attention span as the child figures out the movement of the beads inside of small bags.

#2 High contrast colours enhance visual development

The bright, vibrant colours are appealing and exciting for a 1-year-old. Black and white contrast graphics and patterns support visual development.

You have probably noticed that babies are mesmerized by black and white high contrast colours graphics. It's true that high-contrast pictures are more appealing to babies and help them develop their attention span, memory, and nervous system.

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It's also beneficial in terms of social development. Being able to describe something allows your toddler to increase their vocabulary and confidence.

#3 BabyBibi Bean bags come in seven different shapes

BabyBibi bean bag set is probably one of the best ways to teach your toddler or baby about shapes! Bean bags come in such shapes as triangle, square, circle, oval, rectangular, star, and heart.


Your baby will learn to identify shapes at an early age by looking using visual cues and touching using sensory tactile skills. As your child becomes more familiar with shapes, this sensory toy will help them to improve their problem-solving skills, develop understanding about the connection among 3D objects and build sensory intelligence as they play with this bean bag set.

How can you use sensory toys to teach your baby about shapes?

Visual comprehension - Level 1 

Show the child a shape and say its name out loud. This way the child learns visually what the shape looks like.

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Tactile exploration - Level 2 

In the next level, you can teach your child to identify shapes through tactile interactions. Ask your child to name a shape by touching its counters and not seeing what it looks like. This will help the child to identify the shape by touch.


Sensory memory development - Level 3

This is a great sensory game for an older toddler or kid. Show the child the shape, identify it verbally and make a connection with a texture on the back. Since each shape has a unique texture this tactile game will encourage the child to name the shape by remembering the texture. This is actually a very grounding exercise and can be a fun game for parents as well!

#4 Each shape has a different texture fabric with different sensory properties

Each of the seven shapes has a unique texture on the back. Touch and describe the texture with your child in the touch & feel game. The circle bean has a fluffy furry texture, whereas the triangle's back is silky smooth. The star has a plush soft back and the rectangular's back is a canvas material.


The different textures will help your child to identify each shape by touch. This sensory input is important for their brain development and can help with problem-solving skills in the future. The next time you're playing with your child, make sure to include BabyBibi sensory bean shapes!

#5 Bead shapes are great for indoor or outdoor play with friends

Toss these shapes around or throw them in the air!

A great way to build a child's hand-eye coordination is to encourage a toss & catch game. You can toss bags to your child and get him/her to catch them. The game will be fun at children’s parties and gatherings to engage in social interactions and fun off-screen play.

For a solo play, have your child simply cast their BabyBibi Bean Shape into the air and catch it without dropping it on the floor.

Download 5 Sensory Games to play with BabyBibi Bean Set. 

#6 Bean shapes come in an attractive versatile storage bag

The BabyBibi Bean Bags Set comes with an attractive, versatile storage bag to keep the shapes in one place. The bag can also be used as a sensory toy itself because babies and toddlers love to shuffle and move things around. By putting shapes in and out of the bag, children develop sensory awareness, fine motor skills and tactile perception.


If you're searching for sensory toys that will keep your child occupied for hours, BabyBibi's bean shapes are the way to go!

These colourful little shapes are perfect for stimulating your child's fine motor senses. The bright colours and soft textures will captivate their attention while teaching your child about shapes.

The best part? These bean shapes can be used for multiple purposes - educational or just for fun! When it comes to sensory toys for toddlers, versatility is key.


Your child will love exploring all the different textures and colours these little bean bags have to offer.

BabyBibi Bean shapes are available on our website and BabyBibi Amazon store!

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