Our new Black & White bath books are selected for best bath toys for babies!

We are thrilled to be featured as the top pick for the baby bath toys category on Ode Magazine!

Our latest set Black & White bath books will keep babies entertained during bath time. "Black & White Veggies" features healthy vegetables, "Black & White Animals" introduces babies to the animal world, "Black & White Numbers" teaches numbers through playful illustrations and "Black & White Shapes" takes your baby on an adventure of happy shapes playing together.

Black and white bath book for baby


  • Black & white high contrast bath books are specifically designed for babies' developing eyes to stimulate healthy growth
  • Complete set of four books exploring essential concepts for baby development
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Engages social interaction through play
  • Turns bath time into a fun activity

BabyBibi bath books make an amazing gift for a baby shower, newborn baby or a toddler. These books are very easy to clean, transport and play on the go. Black & white high contrast illustrations and the built-in squeaker will captivate your baby's attention and turn a mandate bathtime into an adventurous playtime. 

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